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Nice to know that in those time, soldiers were also taught astrology! Kind of undermines Hitler who is also stated to have used astrology and astrologers for his war-strategies. But so also have Ronald and Nancy Regans in modern times.

These "ruling" kinds or wannabees tend to have some similarities! Napolean and what psychologists have written about him -- something we need not get into or go there! Truth be seen, there are elements in Indian astrology that may have some foreign origin we have been invaded and ruled for nearly a thousand years and some of it continues!

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And that is fine and to be expected. For example, the Tajik system of annual horoscopy and sahams and itthesala came from Arabic Astrology. No one denies that. The Sripati system and the equal division houses used by some jyotishis are very similar to the documented by Porphyrii and Ptolemy! If it works, please share your experience and evidence with us if and when you can.

Until then we continue with what works Makes sense? Love, Light and Levity But still waters and so must be stirred! The biggest difference between the sidereal and tropical systems as I have gently pointed out based on my feeble understanding of the field, time and again, is that the two orientations are oriented on a celestial or a terrest-real view and perspective. The sidereal systems rely on a zodiac that is constellational and has been accepted to have 12 slices each 30 degrees wide. The other system -- tropical is based on the seasons and is very earth-based. The entire construct of house systems is heavily reliant upon how the earth interacts with the heavens!

The first contact point or orientation is the rising degree, the point where the earth meets the sky at the birth moment or any epoch for that matter. That is the only point where the sidereal and tropical philosophies and practices? All other points are departures. There must be a reason why non-astronomical pointers such as vargas were incorporated and researched in the jyotish framework. I do not want to give those that wish to portray me as 'divisive' or profer reasons to distract me, so I will stop.

The bottom line is: Are we just looking for some novelty, something different just for the heck or are we serious and sincere?

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To each his or her own, I suppose! But still i am trying to read and experiment as much as possible from the given time i get But i am still trying to go through and try some basic logics in astrology Here i dont want to say that reading thru chalit chart is wrong what i want to say is that their approach may or may not be wrong but definitely their readings r not going right Can you suggest any good book or source to understand more about Rahu and Ketu..

RR sorry to intrude the query is adressed to you in specific , please do enlighten us. Sometimes we do can live with few parts not being considered but sometimes we just cant But we first have to understand its meaning and use We have to understand where we can use it and where we should avoide it Its true that full understanding of a chart requires full analysis but we still r dependent on few human interference thus human errors.

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Regards, Raman. The seekers in in this board are mostly not advanced students, but learners. Even the treaded paths have answers as the untreaded ones do. Can you suggest any good book or source to understand more about Rahu and Ketu This episode of "2 minute astrology tutorial" explains the us.. Birth Chart vs.

Web site www. Bhava Chart is a confusing part of Astrology. There are people who say that there is no such thing as a Bhava Chart. Use the Rasi Chart that is enough! In this video, I have tried to explain the different methods of doing the Bhava Chart at least tho.. Due to the many emails from my clients as well as viewers on what exactly is the bhava chart I decided to do this topic once again but this time with the help of the white board so people can really see and understand instead of just giving a lecture.. E K Dhilip Kumar.

Most people use the Rasi Chart for knowing the position of a planet in their horoscope, when they should actually use the Bhava Chart Chalit Chart.

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Instagram pramanikastrology In the regular birthchart, each house is equivalent to one sign. Grahas are placed in the Bhavas according to the sign they occupy. In the bhava chart, the houses are not equivalent to one sign, and may have a span.. For consultation, visit :www. In this video I have introduced how to start off with Jagannath Hora Free Computer Horoscope software and I have also used the time to explain about your Bhava Chart and how to get it right.

Please see the video and do not forget to subscribe in case.. Rajesh Joshi. This video is all about Vedic astrology and spiritual energy that impact on peoples to change their lives How to count houses or bhavas in Vedic astrology Prakash Jyotisa Academy. Consultation jyotisa. Bhava Chalit Kundli nirayana bhava chalit bhav chalit kundli chalit kundali means in hindi chalit kundali kaise banaye chalit kundali software nirayana bhava chalit chart software navmansh kundli kundli bhav vichar kundli bhav ke swami bhav bal in ku..

Here you will learn about bhava chart in astrology in tamil. You will know the bhava chart importance , how to interpret bhava chart in tamil and difference between bhava and lagna chart in tamil. To know about your jathagam and lagnam click this h.. Astrologer Dr. How a planet behave in bhav chalit chart when compare to rashi chart, When a planet change its position in bhav chalit.. Bhav chalit kundali kya hai, bhav chalit kundali ka kya mahatva hae.

Rashi kundli aur bhav chalit kundali mein kya antar hota hai. Bhav madhya kya hota hai. Bhavon ke phal kathan me antar kyon ho Jata.. Bhava Chart S-S Media. Bhava Chart This video talks about Bhava chart in tamil astrology.

What do you mean by Bhava Chart. The difference between Rasi chart and Bhava chart.

Secrets of Planetary Aspects & Bhava/Chalit charts in Vedic Astrology [Russian Subtitles]

Rasi chart main depends on the position of the planets during the birth date, time and place o.. Rasi - Bhava with example by Astro G. Kumar Iyer, M. If you have started using Jagannatha Hora to cast horoscopes then chances are you may be using the wrong Bhava Chart.