Astrology vesta in aries

It also indicates the areas of our lives where we need to sacrifice something or sacrifice ourselves for the sake of some greater good.

A Guide To The Asteroids In Astrology – Ceres Pallas Juno & Vesta

The areas ruled by Vesta are often the ones where you experience issues which you choose not to acknowledge or you keep them private. These areas are usually ones we consider the most important in our lives, and yet we cannot seem to find satisfaction in regards to them. This asteroid gives you the perseverance to maintain the focus on achieving your goals and overcoming the issues which arise along the way.

Vesta rules devotion, control of our desires, virginity, purity, commitment, spiritual commitment, chastity, virtues, modesty, control, endurance, self-discipline, service, suppression of passion, and physical needs, integrity, etc. Men with Vesta in Aries are usually brave and confident individuals.

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These men need a lot of space because they are very independent. They cannot stand anyone telling them what to do and can be very brutal when telling people their opinion about these attempts. They are loners in a way because they usually do all their work by themselves. Nothing can discourage them from reaching their goals.

They need to make sure not to get overboard with their need for independence because it might distance them way too much from other people and make them feel lonely and isolated. They fight bravely the obstacles they encounter on the path to achieve their goals. They can be selfish and self-centered in some cases. Vesta in Aries people are confident, enduring, persistent, courageous, independent, freedom-loving, etc. Vesta in Aries people often exaggerate with their need for independence which in turn isolates them from other people.

They are also self-centered, competitive, and selfish at times. They avoid people with dominant characters. They might become self-absorbed and selfish thinking only about their needs. Their physical needs are strong, but their need for freedom and independence might pose a threat to their relationships and their durability.

When Vesta is placed in Aries, you might be faced with a duty to protect the spirit of adventure, discoveries, creative freedom and independence. You need to be able to express yourself freely, to go where you want, and develop your personal powers. They are capable and independent enough to reach success on their own.

Goddess Vesta Brightest Asteroid in the sky – Light your own way

They are self-motivated and they manage to succeed in all their endeavors but usually without the involvement of other people. They have a gift of focusing solely on their work. They need to establish a balance between their need for independence and often isolation, and maintaining a healthy relationship with others. Assyrian zodiac did not have a constellation of Libra: Scorpio was the next sign after Virgo, and what became Libra were claws of Scorpio.

Symbols of Virgo and Scorpio look similar, only one is directed inward, and the other directed out. Vesta combines chastity of Virgo, and marriage of Scorpio.

Astrology And Vesta

The sign of Libra served an artificial division of female roles virginity before marriage and sexuality after. The discovery of Vesta shows the opportunity to combine these two topics in one archetype. In Rome, women under the influence of Vesta believed to appear as nuns, who did work at a religious service, whose lives were devoid of personal relationships.

Concluding Thoughts…

So we had an image of an old maiden. However, in the contemporary investigation of horoscopes, this interpretation is not working: we often find a good position of Vesta in sexually active women and men. Vesta refers us to the ancient rituals, where women used their sexuality not to keep a husband, but to serve a goddess of the moon, and to bless those who are devoted to her. Their sexual idealism aims at achieving ecstatic states.

Modern society still does not understand the purity of such motivation. Her relationship with Saturn confirms the fact that they control the earth signs Virgo and Capricorn. Both of them express the principles of limitation, limit, focus, and mission. Sexual limitations reflected by Vesta, similar to intense aspects of Saturn to Venus and Mars.

If Vesta has negative aspects with mars, it may lead to physical or psychological impotence and a person can be aggressive. Negative aspects with Venus or Juno with Vesta can indicate frigidity of a person and inability to love. A person can show off simulated independence. Damaged Vesta suggests a failure to open up and share oneself with others give oneself to another.

follow url A person may see any potential partner as a rude, demanding tyrant. In general, the Vesta reflects the principle of sex as a means of spiritual service. Transits to Vesta may represent time a need of inner purification and reintegration. Vesta gives a person great ability to focus. When Vesta has a negative influence, this focus may be blurred and indistinct, or a person may only see a narrow and limited view of the world. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.