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This marks the beginning of a time when humor will be able to dispel grumpiness and the ego assumptions of people who are as stuck as stone. There is a lot of superstition about Eclipses, mostly focusing on "dreadful" or difficult elements that often seem to accompany them.

Eclipses are both dreaded and misunderstood recurring phenomena. Solar Eclipse effects usually last for several years, while Lunar Eclipse effects usually last for a few months. And not all eclipses are equal in strength or duration, making some stronger and longer than others. The total penumbral phase is 4 hours 55 minutes, indicating an influence lasting 4 years and 11 months. The umbral phase, where the eclipse will be most intense, lasts 2 hours 44 minutes, showing the heart of the eclipse effects lasting 2 years and 9 months.

As I mentioned in the previous article, is another year where we have three Solar Eclipses. Both the July and December Eclipses are long and strong, so we begin to enter a long term period of some very powerful Eclipses! Today we'll continue our discussion about eclipses in general and a little about this one. In following articles I'll elaborate on the astrophysics of the phenomenon, who is most affected by this Eclipse, symbols, aspects, patterns, and what we can expect from this Total Solar Eclipse at 11 Cancer.

I've composed quite a few articles on past eclipses in the archives that bear re-visiting, since the Solar Eclipses of , , , , , and were or are still manifesting effects since then, if traditional Eclipse lore is to be believed. Links to Solar Eclipses from to now are at the bottom of this article. While eclipses shut down some elements in the area of life house in which they fall, this is needed for growth, since we must bring some things to an end if we are to embrace newer, better ways of doing our Being.

Take a look back at what ended in your life at various points, and then look to previous Solar Eclipses to find keys to when and why those things had to be shut down. Historically, there is a lot of fear and trepidation connected to Eclipses, which is an unfortunate leftover from previous centuries when Eclipses were believed to augur the fall of empires, dynasties, and powerful people anywhere the Eclipse shadow fell. The doom and gloom associated with eclipses which happened centuries ago often marked major changes in governments and nations.

Traditionally, eclipses and many other celestial events were considered very bad or evil things. Of course, we now know that no Astrological event need be "bad," or have "evil" effects, regardless of whether we're using Vedic, Chinese, Western, or any other approach to defining "All-That-Is. No matter where an Eclipse falls, we can turn it to good.

Favorable ways to use Eclipse energies can be seen by the aspects in eclipse charts as they impact our natal and progressed planets. And because time is an unbroken continuum, we can anticipate what is ending and let it go with grace and a sense of surrendering to a greater life in the becoming.

The voids arising after an eclipse opens the door to countless greater opportunities. The choices we make at crucial astrological junctures bring pleasurable or painful circumstances, depending on what we need to learn. These choices are directly related to how evolved our planetary responses are. It is up to us to determine whether our Moon, Sun, Mercury or any other natal planet involved in eclipses, "bad" aspects, and configurations manifests productively or non-productively.

While Eclipses do tend to shut down some elements in the area of life house in which they fall, this is not necessarily a bad thing, since we must bring some things to an end if we are to embrace newer, better ways of doing our Being. While the future effects of an Eclipse may be powerful, in that they last over a long period, it is useful to see that they only eliminate what we no longer need. Some things are removed quickly, others are removed gradually, over time.

Some Eclipses are VERY beneficial in that they create a void for us that we can fill appropriately, according to our evolved awareness and intention. This is the full phase of the Eclipse effects of the last one in Capricorn which brought a very heavy Saturn influence to what has ended over the past 6 months, and initiates growth which will begin to be demonstrated at the next Solar Eclipse in December.

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Venus will soon go into the underworld on which is when a planet goes close enough the Sun to not be seen. The planet of the feminine will now go through a transformational death and rebirth type of experience and we will all feel its effect. With the energy of Cancer this means to take care of yourself like a mother would her child.

To isolate your energies and do what nourishes you, be caring to yourself and be careful not give too much away. This Cancer underworld experience will be like a cocoon for the inner feminine to metamorphoses in. This will be the 10th and final moon conjunction in this phase of the Mars cycle before he goes into the underworld.

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Which is when a planet goes so close to sun you cannot see it. Mars will now trail behind Venus and meet her later this month in the depths of this dark space, out of view.

ECLIPSES of February 2017 / Lunar Eclipse Feb. 10th, Solar Eclipse Feb. 26th

Now in the sign of Leo, this conjunction brings up the shadows of self love, vanity, self worth and arrogance. Known for turning your communications, conversations and planning upside down. In the sign of Leo we have a clue that this is a time to reframe the ways we see ourselves.

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Self worth, self love, self awareness have a chance to develop in a new way as the planet backtracks over the same stars it recently encountered. During this particular visit to the dark inner self, she will come in contact with Mars and Mercury. Today is the day that Mars and Mercury conjunct each other on the way down to meet her.

Perhaps the masculine planet, Mars and the communication planet, Mercury are plotting something with or against the sacred feminine…?

How will they all come together? Is this a meeting of the minds of the masculine and feminine? Will this be a communicative balancing of the two halves of oneself? Soon we shall see. Lastly, today the planet of the wounds and fractures, the shamanic healer, Chiron goes backwards for a while. The planet of structure and boundaries is now in a play opposite position to the light of day the Sun. And since there was recently an eclipse and we are in the midst of an eclipse season, the Nodes are in this alignment.

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This will be hard to miss. The moon will be nearly full and close to the brightest planet in the sky currently shining as bright as can be, Jupiter. Close to the constellation of the Scorpion. Creating a triangle with the star Antatres, the heart of the Scorpion. This is a great thing to look at and meditate on. Especially if you have planets near this area of Sagittarius. Wednesday November 13 and Thursday November 14 with the Moon in Gemini and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio including all the aspects that are created, these two days will feel like a whirlwind of communications.

With Mercury sextile Saturn and trine Neptune on Wednesday we have a mix of clear and unclear communication. What does this foretell? We are sensitive, creative, inspired to be out in nature and to learn. This is beautiful energy for the artist, someone who needs to detach from the world for a while, take a break from the real world.

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I recommend in whatever way you are creative use Wednesday and Thursday for those activities. In regard to love relationships, which is Venus territory as well, know your boundaries, take it slow so there are not misunderstandings between you and your love. It is happening to all of us so be gentle and kind to yourself and others. The fog will clear soon enough.

Friday November 15 th through Sunday November 17 th the Moon will be in Cancer for most of these 3 days. We may all feel sensitive to our surroundings, we may want to stay home because the world may feel a bit overwhelming at times or we are focused around home as many people are getting ready for family holiday traditions. Feeling edgy and out of sorts and we may not even know why. All of these Options are perfectly normal. Also, for all of Monday November 4th and most Tuesday November 5th the Moon will be in Aquarius which is a very analytical thinking energy it is not overly emotional.

This is fine as we have smart choices to make Tuesday especially if you are involved in voting and elections as we are here in New Hampshire. We need to be easy on ourselves and hold others with the same kind of understanding and compassion we know we need. Another way we can engage positively with all this water energy is through creativity, imagination and artistic activities. With this combination between these three planets if we trust our intuition and take that path of least resistance then we will be able to meet our goals, complete projects and feel accomplished.

For the weekend November 9th and 10th here are some of the specifics about this Aries Moon and other transits we have going on. First off, the moon entered the sign of Aries early Friday morning and remains in that sign till Sunday night. The overall energy of this is one of action and movement and discovery of what we personally need in our lives since Aries is so focused on the self.

This weekend in New England is the Natural Living Expo it is a huge event with hundreds of vendors and dozens of presentations every day. As an example of the Aries Moon and Mercury in Scorpio retrograde. A person could easily go about the whole weekend choosing one thing after another not spending too much time on one thing. Taking in a lecture here and there, getting a reading, buying books and crystals and learning about energy work etc. Whatever floats your boat this weekend and feels good to you, you are likely to do it without asking someone else what they think.